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Grand Oaks Behavioral Health is a group of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists who have specialized training and are recognized by national professional organizations. Our highly qualified, state-licensed psychologists and psychotherapists average more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields.

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At Grand Oaks Behavioral Health, we specialize in a wide variety of emotional and behavioral concerns. One or more of these concerns may be affecting you as an individual…as a couple…as a family. When difficulties and problems affect your ability to manage from day-to-day, psychotherapy can make a difference. When working with a psychologist or psychotherapist, you will be able to alleviate emotional and interpersonal problems, address self-defeating behavioral patterns, make better choices and decisions, gain confidence and awareness, and achieve personal and life goals.

Our psychologists/psychotherapists can help you with the following emotional and behavioral health problems:

Grand Oaks Behavioral Health has two convenient locations in:

Grand Oaks Behavioral Health offers appointments through both Telehealth and in-person.

For Telehealth appointments we are utilizing an enhanced, HIPAA-compliant, Teletherapy platform through which our Psychologists and Clinical Therapists are conducting individual, couples, and family therapy in the safest possible environment.

Please contact us at (847) 549-1189 to make an appointment.

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