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Our behavioral health providers are a group of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists who have specialized training and are recognized by national professional organizations. Our highly qualified, state-licensed psychologists and psychotherapists average more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields.

Read the profiles below to learn more about our behavioral health providers:

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Director of Clinical Services

Dr. Shakhman is a licensed clinical psychologist and Clinical Director of Grand Oaks Behavioral Health, LLC. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Minor in Biology from Loyola University and her Master’s and subsequent Doctoral degree from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois. She is a consulting psychologist to Lake Forest Hospital, and works with primary care physicians in the community to coordinate behavioral health services for patients. Dr. Shakhman has extensive experience working with adults, adolescents, children, families, and couples in various settings (private practice, hospital, school, community mental health). Dr. Shakhman uses a biopsychosocial approach when working with adults, adolescents, and children to overcome social, emotional, behavioral, developmental, and/or academic challenges. She has specialized training to work with families and couples and is an experienced group therapist and student supervisor. Her primary areas of interest include marital/family/interpersonal relationship issues, mood disorders, trauma, problematic personality characteristics, child/adolescent psychology, and the role of neuroplasticity in behavioral health treatment. She values the psychologist-patient relationship and is interactive, collaborative, and educational in the way she works with patients. She believes psychotherapy should focus on health, well-being, growth, and healing, rather than on a “mental illness” or “pathology” orientation. Her clinical orientation combines psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, family systems, interpersonal, and solution-focused techniques to empower individuals to have more of the life they envision for themselves.

Debra P. Wolff, Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Wolff received her doctoral and master’s degrees from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. She strives to establish a connection with each patient based on empathy and an understanding of each individual’s unique perspective and life history. She is interactive and believes effective psychotherapy requires a strong collaboration between patient and therapist. Dr. Wolff helps individuals gain insight into the motivations behind their actions, thoughts and emotions, assists them in understanding how they may be replaying ineffective patterns in their lives, and works with them to discover ways to alter these patterns. One of Dr. Wolff’s primary interests is treating individuals with anxiety disorders (such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias). She utilizes very targeted, research-based cognitive-behavioral treatments including exposure and response prevention to gradually help patients face their fears either in or outside the office. Some fears are difficult to replicate in the office and working with patients in out-of-office, real-world settings can be the most effective treatment.

Marisa Kunz

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kunz is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Schaumburg campus. Prior to that, she attended Western Illinois University, where she obtained her Masters of Science in Clinical and Community Mental Health. She also attended the University of Dayton in Ohio, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Dr. Kunz has extensive experience working with individuals of all ages in various settings, such as community mental health centers, public and private schools, therapeutic day schools, outpatient clinics, and private practice. She has experience helping individuals deal with various disorders, such as Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, and interpersonal relationship difficulties. Dr. Kunz specializes in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as early childhood developmental disabilities. Dr. Kunz’s therapeutic style integrates techniques including cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, interpersonal, play therapy, and family systems. Dr. Kunz emphasizes a collaborative and interactive approach to therapy and believes that through solid communication, questioning, and self-exploration individuals have the capacity to live healthy and productive lives.

Christine Petersen, Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Petersen is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Petersen has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families dealing with a wide array of issues that interfere with their ability to function to their full potential. These issues include depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, divorce/separation, parenting issues, relationship issues, and emotional stress due to life transitions. She also has considerable experience working in the areas of abuse, neglect, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Petersen believes that therapy can help bring about change, personal growth, and healing. She utilizes an integrative approach to treatment and tailors therapy to fit the unique needs of each client. She views therapy as a collaborative process in which she guides the client in identifying and exploring current symptoms and issues that are causing distress or impacting their quality of life. This is done while recognizing how earlier life experiences shape the course of the individual’s life from childhood to adulthood. Through therapy, Dr. Petersen helps clients improve their self-expression, develop a better understanding of their self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and find more positive and productive ways to cope with life stressors and navigate personal relationships.

Dr. Alexander Meyer, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Alexander Meyer is a licensed clinical psychologist. He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. He attended and received his Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and then his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. Dr. Meyer has had experience working with all ages in a variety of different settings including residential treatment programs, therapeutic schools, community mental health centers, hospital/nursing homes and private practice. Dr. Meyer is additionally a Psychologist at NewHope Academy Therapeutic School, where he works with students ranging from 6th-12th grade who struggle with social and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, Asperger’s Disorder, and ADHD that greatly impact their ability to function in the academic environment. He has additional experience helping children and adolescents with a history of trauma and severe emotional and behavioral issues. Dr. Meyer specializes in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, pervasive developmental disorders (Autism Spectrum/Asperger’s), learning disabilities, as well as early childhood developmental disabilities. Dr. Meyer’s therapeutic approach is primarily cognitive-behavioral, integrated with client-centered, play therapy, family systems, and interpersonal interventions. Dr. Meyer also utilizes a collaborative and interactive approach to therapy and employs an educational and insight focused style in the way he works with patients.

Erin Sheffer

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Erin Sheffer, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Sheffer has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in various settings including community mental health centers, behavioral health hospitals, residential treatment facilities, therapeutic day schools, and private practice. Dr. Sheffer believes that the main catalyst for change is a strong therapeutic relationship built on warm acceptance, empathy, and trust. This collaborative relationship sets the foundation for personal growth and healing. Positive and empowering interventions are selected from a broad range of therapeutic approaches and tailored to address each client’s unique life circumstances, presenting issues, and goals. Dr. Sheffer utilizes an integrative and strength-based approach to help clients gain insight into their areas of struggle, acquire social skills essential to establishing and maintaining meaningful interpersonal relationships, and develop more effective coping strategies to navigate the complexities of life.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jenny Siddiqi is a licensed clinical psychologist. She earned her masters and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, Orange County, an APA-accredited institution. She spent 5 years of her career as an active duty Naval Psychologist treating service members and their families and has a rich understanding of the unique challenges they face both together and individually. She also specializes in the assessment and treatment of anxiety and stress disorders, mood issues, trauma-related disorders, autism spectrum disorders, relationship difficulties, and difficult life transitions in children, adolescents and adults. She has specialized training in Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Exposure Therapy, two evidence-based and highly effective treatments for trauma-related anxiety disorders. Dr. Siddiqi also has extensive experience with the formal psychological assessment of emotional and/or behavioral difficulties. Through psychological assessment, people can gain invaluable insight into the way they learn, behave, and relate to others. Dr. Siddiqi believes in the power of the mind to help heal emotional pain, navigate difficult life transitions, and help people discover their most authentic self. Gaining insight into what really drives our behavior and learning why we feel the way we do in any aspect of our lives is the catalyst for making positive, lasting change. She views individual psychological functioning from an object relations and attachment theory perspective. Treatment, however, is collaborative and involves the patient in developing goals and the way in which they are realized.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Eads received her Doctorate and Master’s degrees in clinical psychology from Rosiland Franklin University, and her Bachelors of Science from the University of Iowa. She sees adolescents, adults and couples. One of her clinical specialties is in the area of behavioral medicine which includes adjusting to medical illness and trauma, initiating healthy habits (such as weight loss, exercise regimens, smoking cessation) and preparing for bariatric surgery. Dr. Eads has a particular interest in working with people dealing with cardiac disease. She treats a variety of mood disorders including depression, anxiety, anger and bereavement. Dr. Eads can assist with substance abuse problems, as well as adjustment issues that high school and college students face. Her approach to treatment utilizes a Scientist-Practitioner model of psychology which applies research-tested methods in therapy. Her primary theoretical background is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which emphasizes how specific actions and thinking patterns can contribute to difficulties as well as to emotional health. Dr. Eads provides a warm and accepting therapeutic environment where psychologist and patient truly collaborate to address mutually agreed upon treatment goals. She will work with you to learn more about the factors that influence your motivation to change and development of long-standing coping skills.

Dana Cohen MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Dana Cohen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of Kansas and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dana is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience in working with young children, adolescents, adults, couples and families that experience a wide range of life challenges. These challenges include anger, anxiety, ADHD, behavior issues, body image, depression, eating disorders, parenting issues, domestic violence, postpartum depression and substance abuse. Dana has a specialty in working with teens and young adults who are struggling with substance use addiction, body image and depression. She also specializes in working with children with behavior issues, anxiety and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder. Dana’s theoretical orientation is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy, and play therapy. It is incredibly challenging to enter therapy and it takes courage to start counseling. She believes the therapeutic relationship is one in which the therapist meets the patient where they are at, works collaboratively and empowers the individual.

Ellen Rodman, M.S. LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Ellen Rodman is a licensed clinical professional counselor. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Iowa State University and her Masters of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology. Given her rehabilitation background, Ellen initially worked with individuals with severe and traumatic injuries as well as chronic & persistent illnesses. This gave her a unique perspective on life and greater appreciation for what we have versus what we do not have. This taught her to work with individuals utilizing a strength-based model. Ellen also utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach as well as solution focused and mindfulness approach in her practice. Ellen does not believe that any one approach works for all, as each and every person is unique and different.

Ellen has over 25 years of experience working in hospitals, clinics, community mental health centers, colleges and private practices. She has worked with individuals, families, and couples with a wide range of issues: anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, marital issues, divorce & separation, relationships/families, adjustment, substance abuse, parenting, grief and loss, gender identity, LGBTQ,and trauma. She has extensive experience working in crisis situations in particular crisis intervention. In addition, she has experience providing clinical supervision for clinicians both on an individual level and organizational level. Ellen believes counseling is a journey and that journey begins with the therapeutic relationship. That being said, Ellen believes a therapeutic relationship is one that has compassion, caring and empathy, all of which, will empower one to make the changes necessary to become a more happy and fulfilled individual.

Diane M. Bailey Yoder, M.S. LPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Diane M. Bailey Yoder M.S. LCPC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She received a Masters degree in Psychology Clinical Counseling and concurrently a Certificate in Healthcare Administration and Management from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Diane is at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science assisting in teaching online courses in healthcare administration and management. She obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Pre-Medicine from Roosevelt University concentrating in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Diane is experienced working with children, adolescents and adults with ADHD, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, complex trauma, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Substance abuse/dependence, Bereavement, dual diagnosis, and prefers using a variety of theoretical perspectives in both individual and group therapy sessions.Diane works with children, adolescents, and adults integrating individualized treatments modalities unique to the individuals concerns. Diane performs psychotherapy from a scientist-practitioner model by integrating the science of mental health research with practice. This includes using evidenced based interventions and empirically supported treatment methodologies to select the best interventions proven to assist clients reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Diane is dedicated to integrating her academic, scientific, and professional training and experience to best assist the client, with a specialization in utilizing an ARC (attachment, self-regulation, and competency) framework model, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness therapy, parent education, anger management, and contingency management.Diane possesses a strong commitment to providing the highest standard of care to clients in order to contribute positive mental health services that improve a clients’ quality of life. This has strengthened her desire to continue learning how the power of connectedness and genuineness heals through active participation in each therapy session. Diane incorporates a strong passion for a holistic understanding of health, and works with clients to improve the mind-body connection.

Bella Sisarica MA LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Bella Sisarica is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois in Chicago, and her Master’s degree in Community Counseling from Loyola University. Bella has extensive experience working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She is also an experienced group therapist and student supervisor. Bella’s areas of expertise include working with individuals struggling with anxiety, adjustment issues/life transitions, borderline personality disorder, emotion regulation, divorce/separation, interpersonal relationship difficulties, mood disorders, and schizophrenia.

On the most fundamental level, Bella believes that meaningful change happens within the context of a trusting relationship. Therefore, she provides a compassionate, collaborative and nonjudgmental space for individuals to explore their challenges as they navigate forward. Through this process of growth and healing, individuals learn new skills, behaviors and insights. Bella operates from a strengths-based perspective and utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach which combines Client-Centered, Family Systems, Solution- Focused, and Mindfulness with evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). She also recognizes the value of humor as a therapeutic tool and understands that individuals need more than clinical jargon to overcome life’s struggles. Bella believes that treatment interventions should be designed to meet the unique needs of the individual, with her role being to support and to empower each individual in creating and defining their most meaningful life, while strengthening their capabilities.